Your Questionnaire

Are you excited? I am. I can't wait to help you get on the right path for YOU. This questionnaire is a great way to get our Mentor session started. Once I know a it more about you it wil help me guide you in the right direction. SO lets get started.

Name *
The REAL answer. :) For example, you want to stay home with your kids, you just needed some extra money, you got a camera as a kid and fell in love, or something crazy happened in your life to give you a push. There are no wrong answers.
This doesn't just have to be professionally, it can be personal too. For example you could be extremely accommodating or just a total goober, it doesn't have to be anything poignant, but try to name at least two things you are really good at.
Knowing your weaknesses really helps understnad your hurdles. I really struggles with social media at first. It took me a long time to get comfortable with social media. What do you feel your obstacles are?
It doesn't matter what they are, but your three all time favorite things. It could be Gilmore Girls, Star Wars, Wine, Nature, Your kids, computer games.
It could mean making a certain amount of money, having time off with your kids, being able to quit your day job. What does success look like to you.
Professionally where do see business headed.