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Right now I am offering two ways to work with clients. I am still offering mentor ships with anyone wanting to build a brand for themselves and live their life purpose through meaningful entrepreneurship. We can go over I

Now, just so you have a better understanding of me, I was the first one to be skeptical of someone claiming to be “born again,” “taken by the Spirit of the Lord,” or whatever other phrases have been used. Up until this point in my life, I could barely use the word God, while I always felt lead to mediate I never understood why and I certainly was not a religious person.  I disclose this to put into perspective that I am not your typical person to have a spiritual awakening. (In my mind, there could have been a more qualified candidate, but that's for another time)

You can watch my awakening story HERE. It was a a beautiful experience, but at the time I did not know how to process any of it and spent all of my time researching to try to gain some perspective. While I had times of bliss associated with an awakening, it also brought on a dark night of the soul, an ego death, and continues to purge all sorts of negativity from my life. It all felt very surresal whil going through it, but having a different perspactive now, I can see how everything lines up exactly how it was supposed to.