Mentor with Suzanne

So you've got an amazing camera, you feel like you've started to master you craft, you have a portfolio, but you're treading water. You feel like you're missing something, but don't understand the piece you're missing. You want to leave your day job, but can't. Where are all the clients you see everyone else getting?


I Chose to offer One-on-One Sessions because there is something so empowering about having someone walk with you through the hard stuff, encourage you in your victories, and help you plan out the future!

 The struggle is real, my friends, and I've been there. 

I remember wishing I just had a boss or a mentor that could guide me in the right direction. Someone to tell me when I was doing things right or if I did something wrong. You have beautiful images, but no one is seeing them, then what's the point, right? It's frustrating. Your dying to leave your day job and so badly want to be the full time Photographer you've dreamed of, right? 

I know the steps you need to take to get you exactly where you want to be.

Whether you want to just make a couple hundred dollars a month to several thousand a month, how you execute is up to you, but the tools will now be there for you. Through trial and error over the years I have discovered the formula and I can share that with you and guide you to success. I was so tired of seeing so many other photographers be so successful, If they could do it, surely I could too, right? While I was happy to see other photographers be so successful, I just wasn't able to put the pieces together. I took class after class, studied what other were doing, but it just didn't seem to click. Although I had some clients, it felt like no matter how hard I tried I just wasn't able to completely supplement my income and would inevitably be back to some sort of desk job.  I increased my prices in the hopes of making more money, but scared most of my clients away. I was about ready to give up. I stopped trying and that's actually when I realized how easy it could be. 

Mentor with Suzanne DuBose
175.00 250.00

So,What You'll Get From A Mentor Session?

  • You'll get two One-on-One's with Suzanne. This can be in person, Video Chat, or Phone Sessions 
  • First you will have a questionnaire to narrow down your strengths and weaknesses and find what you're most passionate about.  I have an amazing questionnaire that will help me get to know you and your goals. This will help construct a step-by- step plan personalized just for you. 
  • The first One-on-One will be to go over ideas and discuss your goals and the information I got from your questionnaire.   
  • Second One on One - We will go over your customized plan and how to execute. This will include everything from marketing to the business side of things. This second one-on-one will allow you to understand how and why this plan will work for you. 
  • I will be available to you for 3 months thereafter for any questions you may have so that you can comfortably implement everything you need to take your business to the next level.  I want you to succeed.
  • I will walk you through how to get your ideal clients with and without social media and then how to make sure you keep those clients.
  • **And right now, as a bonus, I'll do a free editing tutorial video on TWO of your images. I can edit via Lightroom, Photoshop Elements 10 OR Photoshop CS6. The video is yours to keep to re-watch at any time you want. 

Hear what others have to say about Suzanne

"Suzanne was a great inspiration for me when I first began shooting. She was overtly willing to go above and beyond to teach the fundamentals I needed. She continues to be a great mentor whenever I need her advice for my business. In the photography world, it is rare to find a photographer as kind, generous, and willing to help another photographer. Honestly, with her help, support, and encouragement, I pursued my own dreams of starting my business. I would highly recommend Suzanne at any point in your career. " - Tristan Elizabeth Photography

"Suzanne has been incredibly instrumental in helping me to get my photography business off the ground. She was a great help both on the business side and the editing side of photography. I am so thankful for her direction and inspiration! I would not be where I am today without her guidance." - Brandon of Chasing Fire Images

"Suzanne is incredibly helpful. She has a way of looking at things in a different way.  I would not be where I am today without her guidance." - Katy Parker Photography