My New Blog! I am so excited, you guys. This is going to be PACKED full of simplicity and health. I want to show you how easy it really is to do small, but impactful things for your health every day. 

By now I'm sure you know my story. Once I finally got myself healthy again and reversed every single MS symptom I was having,  I knew I had to rid my life of all toxins. It's been a slow process, but through it all I have learned so much. I'm so pumped to start sharing that with you.  


the oily life

My whole path to healing myself of Multiple Sclerosis and finding a more holistic way of life keeps leading me back to oils time and time again. I am blown away by everything they are capable of doing. I'm constantly learning new things and ways to incorporate them into my every day life. They are absolutely the best health care I have found hands down and lets face it, they just smell amazing too.   

Holistics blog

I get so many questions about how I eliminate toxins from my life and sometimes I get questions about my daily routine for self care. Click below to go to my blog and start learning super simple ways to be healthier every day.  I promise you I am sooo busy,  I have a family and run two businesses out of my home, so I understand how simplicity is everything.  It really can determine whether or not you keep up a healthy routine, so if you are interested in simple ways to detoxify your life check out my blog.